The Problem

Create a unique design and intuitive user flow, which provide a seamless experience for all user roles and make usability a top priority.

Since the app focused on fitness and training regime, the theme had to match with athleticism but color saturation levels needed to be low. Moreover, the client requests an intuitive user flow, meaning that the design department had their hands full with BodyFrame.

The process

We kicked off this project by delivering 3-4 sample designs made on Adobe XD to the client for their approval. Out of these, the client picked what they liked and shared screenshots of their favorite elements. This way, our design department got a clear picture, and the project continued smoothly onwards. To make the user experience unforgettable, we used Native Swift and Kotlin. The main reason behind using native swift was to make the app future-proof, allow quick transitions, and reduce redundancy.

Moreover, Kotlin helped in writing safer codes and made the app as secure as possible. Kotlin is also entirely inoperable with Java, which boosted our productivity and made it possible to deliver results quickly.

Feature Inventory

  • Quickblocks - Audio/Video Chat
  • Workout Plan Generation
  • In-app Notification
  • Discount Structuring
  • Referral/Invitation
  • Plan Up-gradation
  • Diet Plan and Suggestions

The Results

After days of hard work and creative thinking, our design and development department built stronger relationships with the client, and Teqnovos became a well-recognized web and mobile app development company. The results came out better than what we anticipated, and the client loved the final look of the app. The initial wireframe made on Adobe XD was altered a bit according to the client’s requirements, and through swift communication, Bodyframe came into existence. Teqnovos takes pride in its team of web and mobile developers, and we aim to achieve even bigger milestones in the future.

Visual Design

bodyframe 2

Add and assign new tasks to your clients who instantly notified.

bodyframe 5

Flexibility to track one or dozens of client's progress from a single app.

bodyframe 2

Add and assign new tasks to your clients who instantly notified.

Technologies Used

ror logo

Ruby on Rails

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ios white icon


ror logo

Amazon SES

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Quick Blocks


Amazon SE

bodyframe 1