PHP development

PHP Development for ByOwner

The general idea behind the project was to deliver a customer-oriented interface. While most online real estate websites focused on the seller, ByOwner was neutral and requested the same easy-to-use interface for both buyers and sellers. The reason for choosing PHP development for this project was to deliver a dynamic website that is safe and secure.

Laravel development

A Dedicated Team of Laravel Developers

Laravel is a web application framework used to design elegant and dynamic web-based software. Our Laravel developers worked hand-in-hand with front and backend developers to complete this project quickly. Thanks to the latest tools and our competent team of developers, we effectively wrapped up common tasks, such as authenticating, routing, and caching, to save time for the real hard work.

Ecommerce solutions

Actionable, Appealing, and Creative Ecommerce Store

Teqnovos has expertise and experience in creating spectacular ecommerce stores that are optimized for conversion. The ecommerce store for Dr. Nancy is proof of your ingenuity. We incorporated all web elements completely, and the payment page was linked where the client requested.

Node JS development

Investment Centric Smart Search – NodeJS Development

NodeJS is a real-time push-based architecture that was primarily used for non-blocking event servers. Our team of developers used NodeJS development to create a smart search engine that calculates ROI in real-time concerning the user’s keywords.

Angular JS development

A Real Estate Website with Virtual Dusk Technology

We used the Angular development platform to create a website with virtual dusk technology. This technology enhances the picture quality and increases the clickthrough rate by 300%. After countless meetings with the client, we came up with this innovative solution to facilitate our client’s requirements.

React JS development

A Dynamic Website for Real Estate Investment

Orange Tree is a real estate investment company that required a dynamic website with a high response rate. The project was designed on ReactJS to produce web pages that were highly responsive to user input. Our team of web and mobile developers left no stone unturned, and we delivered this project with exceptional results.

ROR Development

Convenient Tender Management Project built on RoR

We used the Ruby on Rail open-source framework because it keeps the web development process in line. Moreover, Ruby on Rails is a cost-effective solution that also mitigates the risk of erroneous coding. Data collection for tenders required custom script writing, which was performed on the RoR web frame.


A Breath-Taking Design That Works on Every Browser

The client required a dynamic website with real-time user information update. The client’s requirement was a complete web solution for real estate hunting. Therefore, our web and mobile developers used PWA platform which allows a website to load on any standard browser.