How many hairdresser apps have you seen on the App Store? Not many, right? Ecutz is a hairdressing brand that decided to go digital during the pandemic. Our mobile app development services intrigued the client, who made sure they had an app that piqued smartphone users’ interest.

ecutz app on phone
drnancymd website on desktop/mobile

Dr Nancys

Teqnovos has expertise and experience in creating spectacular ecommerce stores that are optimized for conversion. The ecommerce store for Dr. Nancy is proof of your ingenuity. We incorporated all web elements completely, and the payment page was linked where the client requested.

Body Frame

Our graphic designing team is unparalleled when it comes to delivering business-oriented visuals. We first understood the target audience and project details for Bodyframe and then acted upon them. Finally, we shared a fitness-oriented design with energetic colors in the foreground and a black background for visibility.

bodyframe app on screen
orange tree website

Orange Tree

Orange Tree is a real estate investment company that required a dynamic website with a high response rate. The project was designed on ReactJS to produce web pages that were highly responsive to user input. Our team of web and mobile developers left no stone unturned, and we delivered this project with exceptional results.