orbidal dashboard


Orbidal is a global tender management app that provides a robust online solution for businesses that seek consolidated information. Like any search engine, Orbidal works by collecting tender data from various sources, accumulating it by the industry, and providing relevant results upon search. The entire web set-up is based on the Orbidal search engine’s efficiency, which makes tender hunters simpler.


SalesHub.ai is a complete automation platform that can take care of your daily tasks with cost-efficiency. From sending emails to tracking your site’s visitors, SalesHub.ai can make everything easy to do. The platform also provides a robust interface to design custom sales flows. You can create automated LinkedIn marketing programs and also send mass emails without investing your time.

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web4reality website portfolio


Since the client wanted multiple features in one website, it was important to know how they planned to go about it. After multiple discussions, Teqnovos and Web4realty came up with a plan. We immediately tasked all our web developers on the project and made sure all resources were effectively working together.


BodyFrame is an application that allows fitness trainers to manage their clients through their cell phones and create customized nutrition plans. With one mobile app, trainers can track their students and manage their fitness routine, diet, and training modules. An innovation like BodyFrame is necessary since the world is under lockdown ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started. The BodyFrame app allows trainees to login to their account, view their diet and exercise plans set by their trainer, and upload their progress pictures. All in all, it’s a one-stop solution for fitness enthusiasts to maintain their physique anytime, anywhere.

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