The Problem

To create a user-friendly and comprehensive online platform that delivers telecommunications and digital services to customers.

The project aims to offer an online platform for extensive mobile and internet services. Each service category needed to be well-organized, making it easy for users to understand and choose the services that best meet their needs. The client wants the platform to be responsive.

The process

The project thoroughly examined STC's needs, particularly user-friendly design, responsiveness, extensive service information, and strong customer support elements.

Wireframes and prototypes visualized the website's structure and layout. Feedback was considered to ensure the design matched STC's goals and brand identity. WordPress was selected because of its adaptability, scalability, and simplicity in content management.

Unique themes and plugins were created to satisfy STC's unique needs, guaranteeing a customized solution and making the platform responsive. Extensive testing was done to guarantee the website's performance, functionality, and browser and device compatibility.

Usability testing was part of this to guarantee a seamless user experience. The website was set up in a safe hosting environment, guaranteeing functionality and dependability. The site is kept up-to-date and safe with ongoing maintenance and updates.

Feature Inventory

  • Account Management
  • Online store
  • Customer support
  • Multilingual support

The Result

The creation of the STC website served as an example of how Teqnovos can effectively use WordPress to build a feature-rich, approachable platform that satisfies the demands of a top telecom company.

The website has enhanced STC's online visibility by providing comprehensive service information, strong customer assistance, and interesting content.