The Problem

Office Administrators spend their weekends and evenings performing administrative tasks using outdated, difficult-to-use, and burdensome software solutions.

Jobtable pushed the boundaries of what we could do as a web development firm. The client needed quick solutions, and the problem description they supplied was very detailed. Teqnovos was able to satisfy all of the client's expectations and accommodate their requirements because of our web and mobile development staff.

The process

Our mobile and app developers methodically split the development process into small modules. This approach simplified the complexity of app development by facilitating us to manage individual components.

We have used the Next JS framework for frontend development and the Express JS framework for backend development.

In addition, our DevOps experts designed a distributed web architecture to ensure maximum uptime and web server availability. This strategic distribution enabled a seamless, lag-free data transfer between the server and the host, enhancing the user experience.

Feature Inventory

  • Resource allocation
  • Project Management
  • Invoicing
  • Accounting

The Result

This software helps users eliminate paperwork in the construction business. The website features allow users to create and send quotations, create work orders, organize business reports, managing invoices and schedules.

We have maintained daily meetings with the client throughout the project to gather requirements and provide development updates. This continued cooperation ensured that we understood their goals and provided them with exactly what they needed.