The Problem

Gathering tender data from hundreds of sources, consolidating it, and providing analytics to the user, based on their past performance history.

Orbidal challenged our potential as a mobile and web development company to the fullest. The problem statement shared by the client was riddled with complexity, and the client wanted rapid results. Thanks to our web and mobile development team, Teqnovos was able to cater to the client's requests and meet all their expectations.

The process

We kicked off the project with a face-to-face meeting to understand the client's target market. As a web and mobile development team, we required some coding parameters from the client and wanted to know what's on their mind. Furthermore, we scheduled daily internal brainstorming sessions to develop a cost-effective solution.

We used Ruby on Rails open-source framework because it keeps the web development process in line. Moreover, Ruby on Rails is a cost-effective solution that also mitigates the risk of erroneous coding.

Data collection for tenders required custom scriptwriting, which was performed on the RoR web frame. Custom data gathering scripts were designed to consolidate large clusters of Tender information and imported them on the Orbidal server. The next step was connecting the user's search query with the tender results. For this, our web development team used scripted logic to display success probability and recommendations.

Feature Inventory

  • Tendors Listing
  • Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Auto-Suggestions for Tendors
  • Proposal Generation
  • Multiple Client Collaboration
  • Multiple Search Criteria

The Results

Orbidal was a milestone we had to achieve to expand our horizons and grow our expertise. While working for Orbidal, our team learned many new techniques that we can implement on other similar projects. Moreover, our data collection and analysis team grew by numbers after this project. Since this task required in-depth analyses, we involved more employees in the project. Teqnovos is never afraid to innovate, grow, and go beyond expectations for its clients. That is why challenging projects such as Orbidal have walked through our halls.

Visual Design

orbidal dashboard

Discover Board to filter and search for new opportunities.

orbidal dashboard

Progress monitoring for opportunities and competitors.

orbidal dashboard

Discover Board to filter and search for new opportunities.

Technologies Used

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Ruby on Rails

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Amazon S3

amazon ses

Amazon SES

salehub ai




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