The Problem

Traditional offline communication methods pose significant business challenges, including inefficiency, lack of personalization, and difficulty tracking effectiveness.

PostGrid, developed by Teqnovos, addresses these challenges by automating and improving offline communication. The platform's Print & Mail API allows businesses to integrate personalized mail creation and delivery into their existing CRM systems. The Address Verification API ensures accurate and standardized addresses, reducing the risk of delivery failures.

The process

After gathering all the client's requirements, we started our process. Integrating PostGrid's solutions begins with incorporating their APIs into a business’s CRM system. This automates creating and sending personalized mail, increasing efficiency and reducing manual work.

We have crafted this platform using technologies like ReactJS for the front end, and NodeJs, and PHP for the back end.

We have added a real-time address verification feature that enhances delivery accuracy, ensuring communications reach their intended recipients. Detailed analytics and tracking features offer insights into campaign performance, helping businesses understand what works and where improvements are needed.

This iterative analysis and optimization process ensures that each subsequent campaign is more effective than the last.

Feature Inventory

  • Print and mail automation
  • Address verification
  • Integration with existing CRM
  • Real-time Tracking

The Result

Our web development team achieved remarkable outcomes after working tirelessly and determinedly for several days. PostGrid, developed by Teqnovos, has proven invaluable tool for businesses seeking to improve their offline communication strategies.

PostGrid helps businesses connect with customers more effectively and efficiently by offering advanced automation, personalization, and comprehensive analytics. This initiative accelerated our learning curve and allowed us to acquire more than just the fundamentals.

As a web and mobile development business, we constantly learn new things and gravitate toward advanced methods.