The Problem

Processing a large amount of real-time data and user identification because modern browsers block almost all cookies.

While everything seemed do-able, the real problem was bypassing browser security and identifying users without causing any ethical breach. Processing large information is easy unless it’s required in real-time. Our web development team worked day and night to meet the client’s requirements and tailor specific results. Through dedication and will power, we completed the project successfully within the client’s specified deadline.

The process

We held several meetings with the client to understand the scope of the project and their target audience. Furthermore, we integrated the latest technology to deliver innovative results and cost advantage to the client. While working on this project, our team met several obstacles, but they were catered to through effective communication, both internal and external.

For backend development, we used Laravel. This framework is accompanied by many pre-build features that facilitate faster production and error-free results. Moreover, Laravel helps in user authentication and blocks malware activities. It also harbors a unified API that mitigates load time and handles web traffic by allocating different nodes.

To make the website scalable and high-performing, we used Python. This programming language consists of user-friendly libraries and databases that are easy to access. Moreover, it’s efficient in making dynamic websites.

Feature Inventory

  • Visitors tracking
  • Salesforce, Zoho, HubSpot, Insightly, Zapier Integrations
  • Import/Export contacts to any of the integrations as per user's choice.
  • Email verification of all contacts to avoid any bounces.
  • Paddle payment gateway integration
  • Emails automations.

The Results

After days of hard work and determination, our web development team produced exceptional results. The website was dynamic, lag-free, and would easily work on slow internet as well. Finally, the real-time data processing and user identification was delivered up to the client’s expectations. In the end, this project tremendously improved our learning curve, and we went beyond our basic knowledge. As a web and mobile development company, learning never stops, and we always lean towards the latest and innovative techniques.

Visual Design

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Multiple Tools access at just a single Purchase/Pack

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Pre-built templates for Sales and Growth

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Multiple Tools access at just a single Purchase/Pack

Technologies Used






Amazon S3

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