The Problem

Automating feed integrations and data updates for dozens of MLS boards. Parallel processing of multiple scripts.

The most challenging part of the project was the automation feed integration and data updates. This required complex strings of codes, and the time for delivery was coming close.

The process

It was tough, it was challenging to the bone, and nothing seemed possible at first. We started with baby steps and made the website scalable and dynamic, and soon things started to make sense. Our team of web and mobile developers broke down every process into micro-services to make it digestible for the web-programming.

Moreover, we executed these micro-services at a required time interval to avoid heavy load time on the web. Our web development experts distributed the web architecture to maintain the uptime of the web server and availability. This allowed a lag-free flow of data from the server to the host.

Feature Inventory

  • Contacts management (CRM)
  • RETS feeds setup, data sync, search API parameters automations.
  • Emails marketing.
  • Website builder and management.

The Results

While everything seemed impossible, we learned that taking the first step is the most challenging part. After we had designed the web-layout, everything started to fall in place. Though this project tested our expertise as a web and mobile development company, it did not break our spirit. Instead, Teqnovos came back even stronger and faster. The distribution of the web architecture was a cherry on top that smoothened the entire web development process. The main hurdle was to overcome web downtime and lag. The scattered data made room for web-traffic to be easily adjusted on the server and reduced loading time by 2 seconds.

Visual Design

website theme 1

Pre-built templates for get started with website builder.

website theme 3

Different pricing structure to simpler growth.

website theme 1

Pre-built templates for get started with website builder.

Technologies Used



angular logo



Amazon S3



angular logo


angular logo 1


angular logo 2

AWS Lambda

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