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January 11, 2021

4 Reasons to Choose Kotlin for Android Application Development

As more businesses realize the importance of a mobile app, web and mobile development services are challenged with unique demands and customized apps. To meet the increasing demand for mobile app development, software development companies resort to Java and its different forms. One of the best mobile app development languages is Kotlin, thanks to its roots that come from Javascript. In this blog post, we will highlight multiple reasons to choose Kotlin for Android application development.

What Is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a mobile app development framework created by JetBrains. Kotlin is a cross-platform programming language that complies with Java virtual machine byte code. Kotlin is a restriction-free programming language that has increased its popularity among app developers and programmers over the years. This innovative coding language is the second most easy to use coding program after Swift. Kotlin brings all the modern advantages of a programming language, and it’s also a safer choice over other Javascript frameworks.

Reasons to Choose Kotlin For Android App Development

Being the fastest growing Android app development program, Kotlin has gained robust popularity among developers. Here are a few reasons to choose Kotlin over other Android app development programs.

⦁ Convenient For Developers

While prior Android app development projects required installing Kotlin as an extension, the new Android development studio 3.0 comes with built-in Kotlin support. You just need to check the “Include Kotlin Support” button while configuring your Android development platform, and you are done.

⦁ Exchange Information with Java

The best feature of Kotlin is that it’s completely interoperable with Java, meaning that your project will be safer. Most business request to have their Android app developed by Kotlin because it’s safe, and there is less chance of errors in coding.

⦁ Future Proof

After the announcement of Google’s support for Kotlin development, many web and mobile development companies switched to this exceptional programming language. As a business owner, you might want your Android app to be developed on Kotlin because it is future proof, and you won’t have to build another app in the future.

⦁ Kotlin Android Apps Run Faster

Google loves Kotlin; this means your app will have complete Android Play Store support. Moreover, the byte code structure allows Kotlin apps to run faster, meaning less load time on older smartphones as well. If you are looking for a mobile app that is not limited to the latest Android version, Kotlin can help you achieve a diversified Android app.

Kotlin Expert Mobile App Developers to Lead Your Project

Kotlin is easy to learn and implement programming language with a lot of room for creativity. If you have a unique proposition, you can reach out to Teqnovos and their team of experienced Kotlin developers. We have served various clients, and all of them are satisfied with our work. Moreover, we have a team of 200+ developers who can complete your Android app development on time.

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