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March 5, 2021

5 Things That May Soon Turn Mobile World Upside Down

The mobile world is changing faster than most people have anticipated. It seemed like yesterday when smartphones were first introduced, and we now are moving towards a world of foldable devices and augmented reality applications. The tech world has always been known for rapid innovation and market disruption, but these 5 things can turn the mobile world upside down.

5 Things With The Potential To Change Mobile World

While COVID-19 might have stopped the world in its tracks, tech innovation grew at a tremendous pace. Here are 5 advancements in the mobile world with the potential to change our reality.

1. Foldable Phones

As the mobile manufacturing industry strives to bring innovative products and services every year, they leverage every ounce of technology available to them. While Apple seems to innovate towards eco-friendly boxes and reduced carbon emission, Samsung is gearing up for a massive update in its smartphone design. We witnessed Galaxy Z fold last year, and it might the first step towards a foldable future. Samsung is already working on foldable glass technology, and the brand might soon release a smartphone + tablet design.

2. FuchsiaOS

Android and IOS are great, but have you thought of an operating system that amplifies your smartphone’s speed? FuchsiaOS is an operating system being developed by Google to overcome the hurdles consumers face while using android. Google finally realized that owning Play Store and releasing smartphones aren’t enough to satisfy its market. Therefore, we might see a dramatic shift in cell phone preferences when Google releases its FuchsiaOs.

3. Flutter Development

Google understands the problems web and mobile developers go through and its ultimate effect on app owners. That is why Google has released Flutter, an open-source web, and app development platform. The best thing about Flutter is that developers can work on one code base to create an iOS and Android app. This reduces mobile and web development costs for business owners, and developers have to spend less time creating efficient apps.

4. Wearable Will Replace Smartphones

If we consider the speed at which technology is changing, the world might soon move towards wearables instead of smartphones. Who’s to say Samsungs foldable smartphones won’t turn into wearables? This innovation might be challenging for mobile app developers as they have to readjust their apps to unique screen sizes. However, if technology advances enough to create 360-degree foldable screens, the smartphone industry will sink faster than Nokia.

5. Progressive Web Applications

Progressive web apps (PWA) have been in the market for quite some time, but they haven’t garnered the attention they deserve. The best thing about PWA’s is that they are part-website, part-mobile app. You can save these web pages on your home screen and open them up just like an app without the need for installation. Imagine the market shifting to PWA’s, there won’t be much need for storage in smartphones.

Concluding Thoughts

The world is changing rapidly, and it’s getting harder and harder for consumers to keep up with it. Moreover, business owners find their apps t be primal compared to the newer offerings in the market. With Teqnovos, your mobile apps will always be up to date with the latest trends and technology. Our proficient team of developers works on Flutter and other tools to create the best mobile app for our clients. Check out our portfolio to learn more about us.

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