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March 27, 2024

Healthcare Application Development: Benefits of Custom Apps Over Off-the-Shelf Software

The advent of the latest technologies, like healthcare apps, has transformed how current medical services are carried out. Today, healthcare service providers across the globe are opting for healthcare application development to simplify and fast-track their routine processes.

Healthcare applications are the key resources that have significantly contributed to changing the face of medical services. However, if you plan to introduce these applications to your business, a critical question awaits you: Should you build a custom healthcare app or get off-the-shelf software?

Here, we will discuss the many benefits of custom healthcare apps, justifying why they are the right choice. Go through the blog and make a well-informed decision that is in the favor of your business.

Introduction to Healthcare Mobile Applications

Healthcare mobile apps are software solutions built particularly to make certain medical practices easier and more convenient. With these applications, medical professionals can manage patient data, streamline diagnosis and treatment procedures, conduct data analysis, and more.

Healthcare application development, on the other hand, is the process of putting together a software application for the healthcare industry. As per Statista, the mobile medical apps market will grow to over 11 billion dollars by 2025. This showcases the practicality of healthcare applications in today’s market.

Right now, the dilemma around healthcare apps is whether to custom-build one or get a ready-made application. Read further to get data-driven and well-explained insights on the same, and choose wisely.

What are Custom Healthcare Apps?

Medical professionals nowadays are looking for the best healthcare app development services to build unique software for their businesses. These medical software built from scratch specifically on demand are called custom healthcare apps. They are designed to meet a company’s specific requirements.

If you decide to build a custom healthcare app, you can add selective features to it based on your needs. Besides, custom apps can also be integrated into your existing systems to ease the workflow and bring efficiency to overall operations. This is the main reason why businesses choose custom medical apps.

What is Off-the-Shelf Healthcare Software?

Currently, two types of healthcare software are available on the market. One is the application that is custom-built by opting for healthcare mobile app development, and the second is ready-to-use apps. The latter is also called off-the-shelf software, which is also widely used by medical companies worldwide.

Unlike custom healthcare apps that are built for a specific audience, off-the-shelf software caters to a wide range of businesses. These applications were developed keeping in mind what has worked well for multiple users. Off-the-shelf software saves time and money on healthcare application development.

Benefits of Custom Healthcare Apps Over Off-the-Shelf Software

Custom healthcare mobile apps are always a better choice as compared to off-the-shelf software. However, since off-the-shelf apps have their advantages, you might find it difficult to make the final decision. This is why you must also familiarize yourself with the top benefits of custom healthcare apps.

By doing so, you will understand why, even though off-the-shelf software is convenient, custom healthcare apps are the ideal choice. Check out the top five benefits of building custom medical applications below.

1. Unique Feature Set

Both custom-built and off-the-shelf healthcare apps have extensive features that assist with different medical services across the industry. However, if you choose custom apps, you can add or eliminate features in the software as per your requirements. Hence, you get to create a bespoke product easily.

On the other hand, a ready-made application has built-in features that you cannot remove, even if you don’t need them. Similarly, you cannot add selective features to the software that caters to your business. So in off-the-shelf software, you always have to compromise on features even after paying good money.

2. Higher Scalability

When you hire a custom healthcare mobile app development company, you build a scalable medical application for your business. Scalability is a crucial aspect that defines an app’s long-term goals. While building a custom app, you keep the app’s strategic goals in mind and develop a highly scalable product.

Off-the-shelf applications are impossible to scale or even amend because the parent company of these apps is different. It means if ready-made software doesn’t meet your requirements in the long run, you again have to invest in a different app. Needless to say, this process is time-consuming and costly.

3. Seamless Integration

The flexibility of custom healthcare application development is not limited to higher scalability. Tailor-made medical applications also promote seamless third-party software integration. Whether you are building a health monitoring app, medicine delivery app, etc., either way, you need external application integration.

Therefore, you must go with custom healthcare app development, as ready-made apps don’t allow third-party integration. When you hire healthcare app developers, they will build an app with the ability to integrate with external software. This is a major benefit of choosing custom healthcare mobile apps.

4. Enhanced Security

Regardless of the type of mobile app you own, the first thing you need is higher security compliance. This is why many medical practitioners choose healthcare application development. This allows them to build software with great resistance to cyber infiltration. This is a luxury that off-the-shelf apps don’t provide.

As compared to a custom-made healthcare app, your ready-made medical software is more susceptible to cyberattacks. It is so because these applications are built solely for commercial purposes and have relatively little concern for data privacy. Hence, you must custom-build an app with enhanced security.

5. Competitive Edge

Just like all major industries, competition in the healthcare sector is also getting cutthroat by the day. So, if you want your business to stand out from the rest, you need unique solutions. A custom healthcare app is the perfect way to offer the best of your services to people and attract more customers to your company.

When you collaborate with an expert healthcare app development company, you can count on them to build a high-performing application. This app can then be your business’s unique selling point, helping you be your customers’ number-one choice. Just make sure you hire the best healthcare app developers.

To Sum It Up

Many startups, not only in the healthcare department but otherwise, are confused between custom and off-the-shelf applications. But when we talk about the medical sector specifically, custom apps are ideal given the type of services they involve. Custom apps keep patients’ data secure from cyberattacks.

Custom applications are also likely to meet your business’s unique requirements more effectively and quickly. Yes, healthcare application development might require additional time and money, but it is the right business investment. Customs apps are scalable, letting you use them for many years successfully.

So, are you ready to build a custom healthcare application? Then choose Teqnovos as your go-to healthcare mobile app development company. We provide high-quality and reliable healthcare app development services at reasonable prices. Get in touch with us and hire our healthcare developers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of a healthcare application?

The prime purpose of a healthcare app is to automate several routine processes within a medical service. For example, there are popular healthcare apps used for appointment scheduling, managing patients’ medical records, tracking symptoms, etc. However, different healthcare organizations opting for custom healthcare application development can build medical apps unique to their business and fulfill desired purposes. Even then, the main goal remains streamlining overall operations in the healthcare sector.

2. Why build custom healthcare software?

There are many benefits to building custom healthcare software. Number one, custom software for healthcare leads to improved patient care and better service efficiency. Further, it also reduces service costs by automating routine administrative work, eliminating the need to hire professionals. Additionally, having a custom healthcare app also lets you scale your software comprehensively with time to meet changing demands. Lastly, having a custom healthcare app also gives your business a competitive edge. This is perhaps the most important reason that motivates healthcare companies to build custom apps.

3. What are the most popular healthcare apps?

With more businesses leaning towards healthcare app development, the number of different types of medical applications is also increasing. Whether you are a well-established healthcare business or looking to start one, you must know about some of these common healthcare apps. One of the most popular of all is a health monitoring application. Apart from these, there are symptom checkers, online medicine delivery apps, diet maintenance applications, medical diagnosis software, and more.

4. What makes Teqnovos ideal for custom healthcare application development?

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