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January 17, 2021

Difference Between Progressive & Responsive Web Apps

As the digital landscape expands and reaches new heights, online customers are looking for convenience on their smartphones. With millions of apps available for your smartphones, who need a progressive web app – right? Mobile applications are amazing and have many benefits. However, progressive and responsive web apps hold their own as well. In this blog post, we will answer the most common question, “how is progressive web app different from responsive web apps” and take a deeper look into what makes them different.

Difference Between Progressive Web Apps and Responsive Web Apps

While web interfaces might seem similar at first glance, they are quite different from one another. Here are some differences between progressive web apps and responsive web apps to help you decide which is best for your business.

⦁ The Website’s Scale

Responsive web apps (RWA) and progressive web apps (PWA) are somewhat similar other than the scale of the website. While a progressive web app is similar to using an application, responsive web apps automatically adjust to your mobile device’s screen ratio.

⦁ Functionality

The more you interact with a progressive web app, the more you will learn how PWAs are different from responsive web apps. However, the key difference is in functionality. With a progressive web app, the user gets the feel of a native app, while responsive web apps lack various features.

⦁ Push Notification Option

Unlike responsive web apps that only adjust to your mobile device’s screen, PWA offers unique options. Push notification is one of the facilities you can enjoy with PWAs; with every notification, the user can receive a customized message. This adds a spark to your digital marketing strategies, allowing personalization of content and a unique approach.

⦁ Home Screen Compatible

PWA’s come with a bundle of distinctive options that you can use to provide convenience for your users. One of the best options of a PWA is “Add to Home Screen.” Users can select this option, and a chrome icon will appear on their mobile screen, allowing the website to launch like a native application minus the installation.

⦁ Cost-Effective Choice over Responsive Web Apps

PWA’s are a by-product of technological innovation and creativity. With a progressive web app, your users can enjoy the automatic fit-to-screen feature for their mobile devices, and it eliminates the need to develop a unique web for each operating system.

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