MEAN stack development company
May 29, 2024

Expert Tips to Choose the Best MEAN Stack Development Company

The MEAN and MERN stacks are well-known web development stacks for building scalable and efficient software applications. Combined with MongoDB, Angular, Nodejs, and Express, the MEAN stack has the power to build solid and feature-rich applications.

Plenty of MEAN stack development companies provide modern businesses with innovative development services. However, finding an efficient company is the most crucial step if you are looking for the best MEAN stack development services.

In this blog, we will learn about the expert tips to choose the best MEAN stack development company and the benefits of MEAN stack development for your project.

What is MEAN Stack?

MEAN stack development company

The MEAN stack is a complete technology stack consisting of database management, front-end, back-end, and middleware. It refers to combining technologies, including MongoDB, Angular JS, Express JS, and Node JS.

The MEAN stack uses MongoDB for data storage and database management, Express JS for queries and responses, Angular JS to show results to the end user, and Node JS to manage client and server requests.

The most important factor to consider when choosing a MEAN stack development service provider is that they provide best-in-class technologies for every stage of development. From front-end and back-end to database management, everything should be top-class.

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Why Hire a MEAN Stack Development Company?

MEAN stack development company

Here are a few prominent reasons to hire a MEAN stack development company for your web app development project.

1. Scalability and Flexibility

MEAN stack development is very scalable. This feature makes it ideal for a web application attracting many users. MEAN stack development companies understand the flexibility and scalability MEAN stack provides.

The development companies are utilizing this feature of scalability and flexibility to develop futuristic applications that can efficiently handle the expanding user base of the business.

2. Security

Hiring a MEAN stack development company for your project will provide you with industry standards and best practices in safety and security from various aspects, such as cyber-attacks, data theft, viruses, Phishing, and man-in-the-middle issues.

3. Comprehensive Expertise

When you hire a team of MEAN stack developers, you will have a complete community of experts knowledgeable about handling multiple users’ queries at a time and will provide you with the desired results.

MEAN stack development company practices in all the technologies of MEAN stack. Their team consists of proficient front-end and back-end developers. The developers provide seamless and comprehensive expertise to build the projects.

Skills to Look for When Hiring MEAN Stack Developers

MEAN stack development company

The developers’ skill is the main factor to consider when successfully and efficiently completing a MEAN stack development project. They are generally the pillars of the project’s overall development.

They are responsible for every stage of the development process, from planning, designing, development, testing, and project deployment. Before hiring any MEAN stack development firm for your project, you must check some essential skills.

1. Complete knowledge of MEAN technologies

Your chosen MEAN stack web development company should have complete and detailed knowledge of MEAN stack technologies. They must have experience with MongoDB and other functionalities like data modeling, query, data replication, and ingestion.

The company developers should be well-versed in AngularJS and various features like transcription, bootstrap grid systems, pipes, dependency injection, and testing. They must also be familiar with Express JS to create dynamic applications.

2. Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

Object-oriented programming concepts are essential to attaining the efficiency of full-stack development in MEAN. You must hire a MEAN stack development services company with efficient Object-Oriented Programming developers.

They should deeply understand topics like encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance, troubleshooting, and abstraction. They must also be familiar with code reusability through inheritance and concepts like methods and methods passing.

3. Version Controlling Tools

The developers you hire should be familiar with version-controlling and version-controlling tools like Git and Github. GitHub is a web-based git repository service that enables revision control and source code management functionalities.

Git is a version-controlling tool that helps manage project files and track user activities. Git also helps with source control functionalities.

4. Experience with Node Package Manager(NPM)

The NPM (Node packaging manager) is crucial to building applications in JavaScript. It is a default package manager for the Javascript runtime environment for Node JS and a recommended feature to include in the Node JS installer.

The MEAN stack development company you choose for your project must have developers who work with NPM and understand package distribution during development.

5. API Design and Development

Evaluate the developers’ API design and development skills. Check for their ability to create powerful APIs. The skill of binding UI elements with Javascript modules is essential for augmenting API development.

They should be proficient with UI/UX design, prototypes, and mockups and have experience providing RESTful API services through Node JS and Express JS.

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How to Hire a MEAN Stack Development Company?

MEAN stack development company

Shaking hands with a professional and efficient MEAN stack development company will increase a project’s chances of success. Finding the ideal company for the development process will take time and effort.

Hiring a company for MEAN stack development services is a strategic decision, and the hiring process should involve some critical factors that we will explain further.

1. List Down Your Requirements

Before hiring any MEAN stack development services company, write down all the project requirements. Clearly define the goals, objectives, and functionalities of the project.

It would be best if you had a clear picture of the key objectives, such as the size and scope of the project, which operating system to use, the skills required, advanced technologies, third-party integrations, and the time and budget to complete the milestones or the whole project.

2. Technical Proficiency

MEAN stack development needs proficiency in different technologies like MongoDB, Node js, Express js, and Angular js. Conduct a technical test to check the developers’ expertise and approach towards a particular task.

Ask the questions based on your project’s requirements, queries, and goals, and check the developers’ logical reasoning, time management, and resource utilization skills. Additionally, examine their skills for technologies, frameworks, and other tools in MEAN stack development.

3. Project Portfolio

Check the portfolio to know the quality of the work, the designing and development efficiencies they have achieved, and the type of projects they have handled. This will give you a clear picture of their work quality and expertise in the field.

Go through the industries and niches they have worked on. Do they have any projects similar to yours? Know about their ongoing and completed projects.

4. Collaboration and Communication

Check the developers’ collaboration and communication. Are they open to changes and constructive criticism? Effective communication is essential for any MEAN stack development project.

Examine the transparency and quality of the reporting and updates. Pay attention to how the company conveys its ideas and opinions about a specific topic. A company with transparent, smooth, and open communication can ensure proficiency in the development process.

5. Maintenance and Assistance

Be clear about whether the company is providing you with assistance and maintenance of the project. The company should address the issues and updates after the completion of the project. They will be well familiar with all the details and aspects of the project, so it will be easy for them to address the issues.


Although many MEAN stack web development companies are available, it can be challenging for businesses to choose an efficient and skilled company that understands the project requirements and provides the desired results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I choose the best MEAN stack development company for my project?

Choosing the right MEAN stack development company requires some specific considerations. You need to evaluate the company’s performance in terms of expertise, experience, and references to past work. Evaluate the developers’ technical proficiency, including their command of all the MEAN stack technologies. Also, the results should be checked by examining the ratings and reviews of the previous client.

2. What is MEAN stack development?

The MEAN stack is a well-liked option for scalable and practical online applications in development. The combination of MongoDB, Angular, Node.js, and Express allows the MEAN stack to provide robust and feature-rich apps. The entire MEAN stack comprises the Front End, Back End, Database Management, and Middleware. In essence, MEAN is a collection of technologies that includes Node.js, Angular.js, Express.js, and MongoDB.

3. What are the benefits of MEAN stack development?

The development of MEAN stacks is highly scalable. Because of its functionality, it is perfect for a web application that will guide lots of customers. Development businesses for MEAN stack are aware of the scalability and flexibility that MEAN stack offers. They use this flexibility and scalability to create futuristic applications that effectively manage the business’s growing user base.

4. How long will it take to complete a project in MEAN stack development?

Project completion depends entirely on complexity and size, the client’s requirements, and the developer’s experience. The client should describe the timeline for the project in the very first place so that the MEAN stack development company works accordingly and finishes the project within the time frame given by the client.

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