Healthcare Application Development
May 16, 2024

Healthcare Application Development: 7 Creative App Ideas for 2024

According to a study, the Global Health apps market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.9% from 2024 to 2030. This means more companies are likely to participate in the fast-growing trend of healthcare application development and build custom apps.

Many different types of healthcare software are being actively used in medical sectors across the world. From health monitoring to diagnosis and treatment applications, the choices in healthcare apps are immense. Almost every healthcare company uses one of these apps based on their service type.

Hence, to level the playing field, it’s time you build the best ideas for healthcare apps for your company. Let us dive deeper into some of the most creative healthcare application ideas to try in 2024.

Healthcare Application Development 101

Healthcare Application Development

Before we talk all about our innovative healthcare app ideas, let’s understand what healthcare application development is. It is the process of creating custom, scalable, and robust software applications that specifically cater to healthcare companies.

The prime purpose of healthcare application development is to streamline and bring accuracy and efficiency to routine healthcare processes. Many medical practitioners opt for custom healthcare app development services to build healthcare solutions according to what their business demands.

Some of the key considerations of a healthcare application development process are feature integration, a seamless user interface, and error-free functioning. Make sure you hire the best healthcare app development company with highly skilled developers for developing a top-notch healthcare application.

Why Build Custom Healthcare Applications?

Healthcare Application Development

The benefits of building a custom healthcare app are not limited to process automation and improved efficiency. Top healthcare apps are capable of providing numerous advantages to both healthcare organizations and their customers. Here are some of the prominent advantages of healthcare apps:

1. Better Patient Care

The first major benefit of custom healthcare application development is improved patient care. Your custom application will offer high-class services and convenience to your patients. From 24/7 access to their medical data to helping them plan their health goals effectively, healthcare apps can do it all.

2. Reduced Cost of Service

As compared to off-the-shelf software, custom apps are far better, mainly because they are cost-effective. You can choose what features and functionalities to add to a healthcare app according to what you offer. This way, you can build an app that precisely meets your expectations with zero additional expense.

3. Competitive Growth

Healthcare mobile apps are a must-have resource for medical companies looking to thrive in the competitive marketplace. Custom apps with tailored solutions let you stand out from the crowd and strongly establish your brand. Plus, you can use the app for your marketing purposes as well.

Top 7 Healthcare App Ideas for Startups in 2024

Healthcare Application Development

Are you in search of the best healthcare app idea to launch your venture in 2024? We have you covered. There is no limit to the number of apps for healthcare one can build, which makes it difficult for startups to make a choice. Thus, we have narrowed down these ideas to the most popular and creative ones.

Check out our list of seven creative app ideas to consider in 2024. Make your choice from these ideas, and hire the best experts for healthcare application development now.

1. Health Tracking App

Health-tracking mobile apps are the most commonly built healthcare applications of all. These devices are designed to help users manage their everyday health and not overlook their health goals. The popular wearable devices connected to your mobile phones are prime examples of health-tracking software.

These devices send regular and accurate health insights collected through various metrics directly to your mobile application. Health tracking apps are arguably the most used digital healthcare solutions today.

2. Medical Record App

Both patients and healthcare providers would love to have a centralized system to manage medical records. Medical record applications are software that provides users with a digital space to store all their medical data. From prescriptions to tests and other sensitive data, these apps are used by all.

Some of the key features of these applications include healthcare document management, seamless navigation, and, most importantly, end-to-end encryption for advanced security.

3. Appointment Booking App

One of the key advantages of using mobile apps in healthcare is automating administrative tasks. This is why healthcare appointment booking apps are also a great idea for startups in 2024. These apps allow businesses to easily book, cancel, and manage patient appointments without a hassle.

An appointment-booking application not only saves the doctor’s and patient’s time but also prevents unwanted confusion. These apps easily book appointments and send reminder notifications as well.

4. Pharmacy Delivery App

On-demand application development has come a long way and plays a key role in the healthcare industry too. Pharmacy delivery apps are on-demand software that cater to a user’s needs there and then. This app delivers prescribed medication to patients at their homes or wherever they want within minutes.

These applications are ideal for patients who are alone or are not medically able to visit a pharmacy by themselves. By using these apps, a patient can order medications and might get discounted prices too.

5. Doctor Finding App

A common challenge among people nowadays is finding the right doctor with the right expertise for their medical condition. A doctor-finding application lets you choose the top physicians in your area and hire them on-demand for consultation. This saves the patient’s time spent trying to find an ideal doctor.

Moreover, these user-centric applications also have feedback options where app users can share their experiences. Patients can browse through the app to select a doctor with the best reviews.

6. Mental Health App

The awareness of mental health is greater than ever, with more people addressing their mental problems as much as any physical condition. Therefore, this is the best time to enter the mental health application market for new businesses. There are already many apps available online for mental health improvement.

There are many different types of mental health apps you can build, including meditation, relaxation, and sleep-tracking apps. These are a few examples of popular mental health apps you can choose to build.

7. Women’s Health Management App

These are the applications that are designed specifically to be used by women. Their goal is to help modern women manage their health and be on top of their well-being all the time. Women’s healthcare application development includes factors like menstrual cycle, ovulation, pregnancy measures, and more.

By making a custom healthcare application for women, startups like yours can stand out from the competition. It could be your business’s USP and can help women achieve their health goals as desired.

Bottom Line

The digital transformation that the healthcare sector is going through has improved a lot of things within a medical organization. Medical professionals are now finding it easier to meet patients’ expectations while maintaining their operations effectively. Healthcare apps are shaping the industry for a better tomorrow.

In this blog, we talked about the core of healthcare application development, along with popular types of apps. Go through these and get ideas for what type of application you want to build for your healthcare startup. We have seven trendy healthcare application ideas to choose from in 2024.

Teqnovos is your one-stop destination for building any type of custom healthcare application. We have a team of pre-vetted healthcare developers with extensive experience in developing medical apps. Hire our dedicated developers, and sit back and relax while our experts get the job done. Call us for a free quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are custom healthcare applications important?

The importance of custom healthcare apps across medical establishments is undeniable. These apps provide a wide array of support and services to app owners and users. For instance, a healthcare application is used to manage patients’ data accurately. Plus, it allows patients to communicate directly with medical providers without any hassle. Moreover, using mobile apps for patient care also improves healthcare interoperability. These are just a few of the many reasons why healthcare apps are important.

2. What is the future of healthcare mobile apps?

Developing and using healthcare mobile apps has become quite significant in the past few years. This suggests that the future of healthcare apps is quite secure and is predicted to grow even further. One of the key highlights of healthcare application development in the future will be the integration of AI technology. The latest AI technology, like generative AI, will make patient management even simpler and automated for medical experts.

3. How much does custom healthcare application development cost?

Different healthcare application development projects have different requirements, which affect the final cost. Therefore, you should contact us at Teqnovos, where our developers will carefully analyze your project. After an initial evaluation, we will share a free quote for the project. The quote will depend on the project’s complexity, other needs, and our developer’s experience.

4. What are some of the common types of healthcare apps?

Healthcare startups like yours can choose from a wide range of healthcare applications to custom-build for their company in 2024. Some of these popular app types include telemedicine, medical record software, electronic health record (EHR) applications, and diagnosis software. You can easily choose to build one of these types of apps and set foot in the healthcare industry. The success of these apps depends on their performance and features, so make sure you hire the best developers to build your healthcare application.

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