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February 2, 2021

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Food Delivery App

Creating a food delivery app requires considering various aspects that make up its final cost. Most mobile app development companies might give you a blind quote, but you need to know what you are getting into before asking for the cost of food delivery app development.

Cost Breakdown of Food Delivery Apps

Food delivery apps are customer-centric, and all innovative ideas revolve around them. Here are three features that define the cost of your food delivery app.

1. Search Menu

It’s a common feature every app has, but a food delivery app collects menus from other restaurants. Integrating your app with other restaurants can add to its cost. Moreover, in-depth filters and a user-friendly interface will also make your app more expensive. However, you cannot skip this feature; otherwise, the app won’t serve its purpose.

2. Order Tracking

The cost of your food delivery app depends on how creative you want to be with order tracking. You can go with a standard system that tells estimated delivery time or follow Uber’s example and allow the user to track the driver.

3. Customer Support

Though this feature doesn’t directly impact the cost of the food delivery app, it’s best to consider it. Moreover, if you opt for an in-app chat system, it will be highly customer-oriented, but it will affect the cost of your food delivery app.

The Final Cost of Development

The development cost of food delivery apps might be influenced by your app’s complexity and other features. The final figure revolves around $75,000 to $150,000 if the hourly rate is $50.

Although there are cheaper alternatives, you won’t be satisfied with the result. Since food delivery apps come with three different interfaces, it becomes costly. You will need one interface for the merchant, one for the courier and the other for the customer. All of these interfaces will be interlinked and built with the latest tools.

Finally, you will also need an admin panel to manage all the functions of your app. This might seem costly, but you can ask different development companies for their rates.

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