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February 1, 2021

How to Develop Home Decor and Furniture Shopping Mobile App

Some people are blessed with great imagination, and they can visualize how they can decorate their space. In contrast, some lack imagination and rely on their gut feelings. But how would it feel if you could see what your house looks like without buying the furniture? This is where home-décor mobile apps come in. These apps provide a plethora of ideas of what looks best in your house and what doesn’t. So if you are interested in adding your creative flair to the world of home décor mobile apps, follow our guide on how to develop a home décor and furniture mobile app to learn the ropes.

How to Develop a Home Decor and Furniture App

The target market for your home décor app will be in two segments. One being regular users and the other would-be interior designers. You need to create a platform that satisfies both of them.

1. Leverage Augment Reality

Ever thought of offering your clients a 3D feel of their home? You can do this by integrating Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality into your app and have your customer experience the furniture before they buy.

2. Seamless In-App Purchase

Why should your customer visualize through your app and buy from elsewhere? By partnering with top furniture and home décor stores, you can expand your application into a Virtual Reality eCommerce store.

3. Personalize Cart

Let your app users personalize their carts. This feature will allow B2B clients of your app to manage their sales, catalog, and pricing.

4. Catalog Display

This list should display all the products your app has to offer. So, customers can easily find their way to what they are looking for. This feature greatly increases sales as customers mostly purchase furniture after viewing their image.

5. Multiple Payment System

Offering multiple payment systems on your mobile app can open you up to different customer segments. Limiting to a few options might affect your business and hinder its growth.

6. Allow Sharing on Social Media

What’s the point of decorating a home if your customers can’t flaunt it on social media? Allow a simple share button to automatically take a picture of the customer’s décor and share it on their social media. This marketing strategy can quickly make your app viral.

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