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April 5, 2024

How to Overcome Time Zone Differences in Remote Working?

The gradual transition from on-site hiring to recruiting remote developers has changed the business landscape completely. Several companies are adopting remote working models to build a flexible workforce that proves to be incredibly beneficial for their businesses.

Among the top perks of hiring remote developers is the ability to choose the best talent from across the globe. However, despite the glorious benefits of remote working, it comes with a fair share of challenges, including working with remote developers in different time zones.

This blog aims to address this long-standing issue associated with remote working and provide relevant tips to overcome it. Let us begin with the challenges of working in different time zones.

Challenges of Working with Developers in Different Time Zones

As you hire remote developers to work with, the challenges associated with hiring employees in different time zones rise substantially. These are a handful of challenges that you and several other business leaders surely need help with when hiring developers from different countries.

So, before we head into our top tips on overcoming these challenges, let’s look at these challenges first. Go through the three major challenges of working with offshore developers.

1. Communication Gap

The first and arguably the biggest challenge of working with developers in different time zones is maintaining effective communication. Since these experts are situated in different locations, conducting frequent meetings to discuss work, share feedback, etc. is difficult.

On the other hand, if you work with in-house developers, you don’t have to worry about putting effort into communication. This is why, if you build a team of remote developers, you need to ensure seamless communication through smarter and proven remote collaboration strategies.

2. Lack of Bonding

Another common challenge that remote working brings up is a lack of bonding between team members. Even though this might not affect the workflow directly, poor team bonding might lead to poor productivity. Thus, you cannot overlook the importance of team bonding.

This is one of the biggest problems of remote hiring, as employees connect occasionally to discuss work, leaving no room for personal bonding. Modern organizations are trying to overcome this challenge by scheduling meetings for employees to get to know each other.

3. Requires Extra Effort to Stay in Sync

When working with remote developers, keeping the workflow and the team in sync is not easy. Some of your developers will be available for work at different hours, and others at a different time. So you have to find a way to convey messages in sync without miscommunication.

Once you get your team in sync, remote working will become more effective and simpler. So it’s vital to leverage remote collaboration tools to ensure everything is heading in the right direction. Otherwise, you will only get more confused as your remote team grows even further.

Tips to Overcome Time Zone Differences in Remote Working

The growing challenge of working with a remote development team in different time zones can be dealt with effectively. All you have to do is follow some common tips that will help you collaborate with employees in different time zones successfully.

Here we have listed these major tips that you must consider before hiring remote developers from different countries.

1. Plan Smartly and Set Clear Expectations

The first important tip to consider while opting for remote working is to always plan carefully and set clear expectations. If you hire remote developers, make sure you are familiar with their time zones. This will allow you to manage them properly based on their available work hours.

Similarly, based on your project requirements, set clear expectations for the remote team and communicate them precisely. Before addressing your newly formed remote development team, you must ensure that you have tasks, goals, and deadlines ready for everyone to get started on.

2. Leverage Remote Collaboration Tools

Whether you hire Python developers, Shopify experts, or any other specialist, effective remote collaboration is not possible without the right tools. If you want to overcome the time zone differences in remote working, make sure you make the most of collaboration tools like Slack.

By using these tools, you can instantly communicate with your team, regardless of which country they are situated in, without any interruptions. Additionally, you can use these tools to store important business data safely in one place that is accessible to your remote team.

3. Set Core Hours and Days for Meetings

Conducting regular meetings is both highly crucial and equally difficult when working with remote developers. If one employee is available at a particular time, there is no guarantee that others will be available at that hour. This is why you need to set a standard time for meetings.

While building your remote team, make sure you discuss the time when everyone will be available. From the start, establish a time that is convenient for all so that your remote team is prepared for meetings. This helps you have constant meetings with your team without hassle.

Benefits of Working with Developers in Different Time Zones

Hiring remote developers across time zones has quite a few challenges that can be effectively overcome with the tips mentioned above. But if you are in a fix about building a remote development team, you need to learn about the benefits it offers.

Here, we have listed three must-know benefits of working with developers in different time zones. Go through them now.

1. Global Pool of Talent

Finding the best IT talent locally suitable for your development project is a daunting task. But with remote hiring, you get to hire developers who are perfect for your project, no matter where they are. Remote hiring lets you find the best talent from anywhere in the world to collaborate with and add value to your development project.

2. 24/7 Business

Working with remote developers across time zones ensures an uninterrupted workflow. At any given time, at least one developer will be working, even if you and your other team members are not. This allows for faster development, improved productivity, and a quicker turnaround time, which is important for any software development project.

3. Budget-Friendly

If you hire in-house developers, you have to invest in infrastructure, employee benefits, taxes, and more. On the other hand, if you hire developers from different countries, they will work remotely, and you only need to pay them their designated salaries. Remote working cuts down on unwanted expenses and lets you save significantly from your budget.

Take Away

Business leaders and managers across the world are looking to leverage the abundant benefits of remote working. However, they must recognize the challenges that working with a remote development team in different time zones comes with.

Fortunately, there are several practices that you can follow to collaborate with a remote development team effectively. Some of these are mentioned above, such as setting clear expectations, utilizing remote communication tools, avoiding micromanagement, etc.

As soon as you learn about these practical practices, hire remote developers from Teqnovos. We are a reputed outstaffing company with experienced developers ready to work alongside you to meet your software development goals. Get in touch with us, and let’s get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I collaborate with remote developers across different time zones?

Working with remote developers from different time zones can be quite challenging. However, there are some common tips that you can follow to ensure seamless collaboration. For instance, utilize a remote collaboration tool like Slack from the start for effective communication. Further, make sure the roles are clearly defined for each remote developer so that you can assign precise responsibilities to avoid confusion. Lastly, discuss and find a time when all team members are available to have video meetings for bonding and project discussions.

2. What are the challenges of working with developers in different time zones?

One of the prominent challenges of hiring remote software developers is miscommunication. Since these experts are situated in different time zones, it can be difficult to have one-on-one direct communication to share tasks, feedback, suggestions, etc. Additionally, bringing the project flow into sync might also require some effort, as you have to constantly stay on top of the remote team to oversee the project.

3. What are the benefits of hiring a remote development team?

There are several benefits to hiring a remote team instead of opting for in-house hiring that you can make the most of. For example, by hiring remotely, you get to choose from a global pool of talent instead of confining your search to your geographical boundaries. Some other benefits of hiring a remote team are:

  • Minimal hiring and operational costs
  • Improved workflow productivity
  • Round-the-clock development
  • Enhanced workforce scalability
  • Focus on core business operations

4. Where can I find the best development team to work with remotely?

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