Impact of Generative AI on Software Development
December 27, 2023
Generative AI

Impact of Generative AI on Software Development

Artificial intelligence technologies like generative AI are changing the idea of how software is written. It is not only automating coding but making it more efficient and time-saving for technology leaders of today. So, modern business owners like yourself must prepare for this change by understanding and embracing the impact of generative AI in software development.

This blog will take you through the basics of generative AI, what role it plays in software development, and more. So without any further ado, let us start.

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI is the latest AI technology designed to generate different types of content for users. Generative AI tools are deep-learning models that produce high-quality written texts, images, audio, and video content based on the inputs shared.

Over the past few years, there has been significant growth in modern generative AI solutions. These AI tools are no longer limited to generating text, image, or audio content. Today, business owners can find various AI-driven software development tools for automated code generation.

All generative AI tools, regardless of the type of data they produce, rely on neural networks for content generation. These tools identify patterns and structure in existing data and use that information to create unique content of their own.

Different generative AI models train their algorithms to understand large datasets to generate new content. Each dataset may differ from one tool to another depending on what it is used for. For example, a code-generation AI model will have a different dataset from a blog writing tool.

Role of Generative AI in Software Development

Now that you have a basic understanding of what generative AI is, let’s talk about its role in software development. Software development is a time-consuming process that demands a developer’s undivided attention and effort.

Thanks to generative AI, the software development process doesn’t have to be a daunting task anymore. With AI-powered code-generation tools, software developers can now automate code creation and other manual tasks to save time and energy.

By opting for a generative AI coding tool, developers also eliminate the risk of common human errors in the process. These widely used and well-known code-generation tools available nowadays are GitHub Copilot, AlphaCode, Tabnine, OpenAI Codex, and CodeSquire.

Generative AI in software development is a fast-growing concept that is gaining a lot of popularity in the IT industry. And why won’t it? Generative AI tools help developers automate tasks, improve product quality, and accelerate the software development process.

5 Things Generative AI Tools Can Do in Software Development

Faster code generation is arguably the most significant thing generative AI tools can do in software development. By using AI to write codes, developers can save valuable time. They can use this time to focus on other important activities that need their attention.

However, the usage of AI tools in software development is not limited to faster code generation. Here, we have listed the top five things that generative AI tools can do in software development. Learn about them, and build your custom AI software for your development needs today.

1. Automates Coding Suggestions

While developing a software product from scratch, developers usually find it difficult to get started with coding. This is where a generative AI tool comes in handy. Reliable AI tools can be used to get helpful code suggestions. Developers simply have to enter relevant prompts on the tool and it will automate codes based on the syntax and context of the input shared.

Further, getting code suggestions from a generative AI tool helps developers overcome writer’s block. They can speed up the code generation process and achieve desired results quicker than manual coding can. Top-quality generative AI tools such as TabNine support various programming languages like JavaScript, Python, TypeScript, and more.

Along with assisting developers with new code suggestions, code-generation AI tools also prove effective in changing existing codes. Instead of spending hours at an online programming library, developers simply have to enter a prompt and let the tool take care of the rest. Lastly, automated code suggestions also enable developers to get in the flow quickly.

2. Speeds Up Manual and Repetitive Work

Another impactful benefit of generative AI in software development is its ability to handle routine manual tasks with ease. Software developers get their hands on a generative AI tool and seek assistance with several simple yet time-consuming activities. Some of these are completing codes while the developer is typing and auto-filling standard coding functions in advance.

It is not a surprise that coding in software development involves a lot of repetitive tasks. From writing the same functional codes to formatting data, all of these tasks take a big chunk of a developer’s time. But with a generative AI tool, developers can save themselves from working on these repetitive tasks. They can just add a prompt and have the tool do it for them.

Developers and business owners can rely on generative AI for coding, handling routine tasks, and much more. For example, these tools also quickly improve code quality by identifying potential errors and bugs. Generative AI coding tools are not only useful in producing new codes but analyzing existing codes carefully and suggesting changes for improvement.

3. Supports Comprehensive Software Testing

Software testing is an integral part of any software development life cycle. It is the process of evaluating software to ensure it is completely bug-free and ready to be launched in the market. Today, there are generative AI tools that are used to enhance the effectiveness of software testing. These are next-gen tools that create tests to accurately identify errors in software.

Generative AI tools like LambdaTest and Katalon can carefully generate test cases for software testing. Test cases are defined as the actions performed in a software testing process that ensure whether a system meets the basic software requirements or not. Generally, test cases are designed manually by software testers which have a higher chance of errors.

This is why smart software developers opt for AI tools for an efficient approach to test case generation. Generative AI tools not only generate error-free test cases but also improve the overall quality of the testing process. Lastly, the best AI tools in the market also excel at identifying complex software problems that might be challenging to detect by manual testing.

4. Offers Code Optimization

Apart from generating software codes from scratch, generative AI coding tools are also capable of suggesting code modifications. With these tools and their code optimization suggestions, developers can establish a cleaner code base, make code more maintainable, and ensure a higher code consistency as well. This is an integral part of any software development process.

Smart AI tools not only recommend code modifications but can automatically implement these suggestions to optimize codes. By having a tool that automates code optimization, developers can make the entire software development process more efficient and effective. This is probably the most significant impact of generative AI in software development.

Code optimization with the help of generative AI covers a wide array of activities. From a minor adjustment in coding to enhance performance to a major code adjustment to streamline the entire process, these tools can do it all for the users. Code optimization is an important step in any software development process, which can now be carried out effortlessly within no time.

5. Provides Predictive Analytics

Last but not least, generative AI tools like GitHub Copilot create predictive models based on previous data. These models help developers anticipate and predict potential challenges in a software development process. By doing so, they prepare themselves in advance for the obstacles and find solutions to deal with them effectively.

One of the biggest problems during software development is unexpected errors in the systems. By entering the right input in the generative AI tool, IT experts can eliminate a great number of these errors even before they arise. This proves vital in ensuring superior product quality, saving the developer’s time and energy, and helping them shape the software as per upcoming trends.

With an AI tool at their disposal that provides predictive analysis, developers can improve overall efficiency and speed up the development process. Remember that any input you give to these tools is stored in the system, so do not give any confidential information as prompt with the hope of getting relevant predictive analysis.

Best Generative AI Tools for Coding

Many developers and business leaders today are planning to use AI for coding. This growing popularity is a result of the high performance and accuracy that modern AI tools are providing. However, this rise in demand has led to an increase in the number of generative AI coding tools.

So, if you want generative AI to have a positive impact on your software development project, you need the best tools. Lucky for you, here we have filtered out and listed the five best generative AI tools for coding. Check them out now and choose the best one for your project.

1. GitHub Copilot

The number one and probably the best tool for generative AI in software development is GitHub Copilot. It is an innovative tool built as a collaboration between OpenAI and GitHub. This tool is the world’s most widely adopted code generation tool with different solutions for a project’s unique needs. GitHub Copilot offers AI coding solutions for startups, development teams, etc.

This generative AI software development tool is known for its intelligent context-understanding capabilities. When a developer enters a prompt on this tool, it carefully analyzes it to understand the aim behind the code. By doing so, the GitHub Copilot completed each code to meet the development project’s goals precisely and quickly.

Users can vastly benefit by opting for this AI code generation tool. GitHub Copilot effortlessly converts natural language prompts into high-quality code suggestions in different languages. Moreover, it offers free trials and custom monthly subscription plans for developers to choose from according to their convenience.

2. AlphaCode AI

Those who have decided to opt for AI for software development, simply cannot overlook AlphaCode. It is yet another powerful code-generation tool that is a top choice for many software developers today. AlphaCode was developed by DeepMind, a reputed generative AI company, and is capable of providing advanced coding solutions for different projects.

Further, AlphaCode is a great AI solution to empower any software development project because it generates relevant and top-quality codes in different programming languages. Some of these include Python, C++, Ruby, PHP, and more. Once the user accesses AlphaCode, they will find nearly 13,000 example tasks available for training which is one of its main highlights.

Lastly, AlphaCode is also the ideal choice in AI coding tools for large-scale code generation. This tool is capable of understanding the most complex programming languages and creating codes for projects of all sizes. Besides, AlphaCode is trained on almost 10 million code samples which allows it to produce as many codes as required in any programming language.

3. CodeWP

As the name suggests, CodeWP is an AI-powered coding tool designed specifically for WordPress development projects. This is a next-gen generative AI solution that allows WordPress developers to streamline their development processes. The idea behind the rise of CodeWP is to change the future of coding with AI in WordPress.

Today, this tool is compatible with various software development technologies including JavaScript, PHP, and even WooCommerce. CodeWP has everything that a WordPress developer needs to go about coding quickly and in a way that adds value to the project. It includes constant code criticism and has advanced AI and machine learning capabilities too.

CodeWP is a popular generative AI coding tool available for users globally in different languages. Users can access CodeWP in English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, and a few other global languages. Therefore, developers can make the most of this software development tool regardless of which part of the world they are from.

4. CodeSquire

CodeSquire is a generative AI code-writing assistant that is built to help users turn their thoughts into codes. This tool is designed specifically for engineers, analysts, and data scientists but can be used by other tech professionals as well. Currently, CodeSquire is available as a Google Chrome extension for users to access on their browsers.

By getting the CodeSquire tool, developers can automate repetitive tasks and speed up the software development process. Apart from this, CodeSquire also provides intelligent code suggestions to the developers and helps them understand someone else’s code too. They can simply add the code as a prompt and ask the tool to explain the given function in plain text.

This code-generation tool assists developers in creating complex functions that require several logic steps without breaking a sweat. Plus, developers and business owners can use this tool to generate tailored code according to their style and use cases. You can check out the CodeSquire demo on its website before deciding on investing in this coding tool.

5. Google Bard

The final generative AI coding tool on our list is one of the most hyped AI tools of all called Google Bard. This is a comprehensive generative AI tool that runs on LaMDA, a transformer-based model by Google. Bard can create unique written content such as social media posts, articles, etc., but that is not everything that makes it the best generative AI tool.

Google Bard is also a reliable code-generation platform that can generate codes in different programming languages. Not just this, Bard also helps developers get rid of basic programming errors and debug the code to enhance its performance.

With time, Bard will increase its features and become available for users worldwide. Then, it will surely become one of the most popular and sought-after coding languages as it’s built on Google’s existing search engine. Moreover, Bard will provide relevant responses to developers as it has advanced natural language processing algorithms and is trained on vast textual data.

To Sum It Up

There is no doubt that generative AI has had a significant impact on software development and will continue to do so in the times to come. Therefore, whether you are a software developer or a business owner looking to build new software, either way, you need generative AI tools.

These AI tools have made coding for different software development projects easier than ever. With code-generation AI tools, users can generate relevant codes within a few minutes and meet their development goals faster than they think.

Not just this, generative AI’s impact on software development also extends to automated software testing, predictive analytics, code modification, etc. All these elements are a crucial part of a software development lifecycle which is now made super-easy with generative AI.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will AI take over web development completely?

Many IT businesses and software developers are threatened by the fact that generative AI might take over traditional web development completely. This is a misleading notion as it is not a threat but a powerful tech resource to increase the efficiency of any software development project. Artificial intelligence technologies such as generative AI automate different processes of a development project to help developers save time and add more creativity to their work.

2. How does generative AI help in software development?

Generative AI tools have a major impact on software development. It helps developers create AI-generated codes, carry out software testing quickly, and accelerate the software development process. Additionally, generative AI also eliminates the risk of unwanted errors in the system by automating coding and various repetitive tasks. Using generative AI tools in software development leads to faster, better-quality, and cost-effective product development.

3. Why should you use generative AI tools?

Whether you are an IT specialist or an industry expert in any other field, you could benefit from using generative AI tools. These tools help you create fresh and unique content without having to put in any additional effort. Generative AI platforms like ChatGPT make it easier for anyone to create short and long-form interactive content to connect with their customers. Apart from text generation, these AI tools can also generate graphics, music, videos, and high-quality codes.

4. What is the best generative AI tool for coding?

There are many top-quality generative AI tools available in the market for coding. But perhaps the best one from the lot is GitHub Copilot. It is a smart developer tool that converts generic natural language prompts into relevant coding suggestions. Besides, this tool is available in two versions; Copilot for Individual and Business with customized features to meet the user’s expectations. Lastly, GitHub Copilot can write high-quality codes across numerous languages.

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