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January 24, 2024

Key Skills to Look for When Hiring BigCommerce Developers

BigCommerce is one of the leading eCommerce cloud platforms with a wide range of advanced features and functionalities. Over the past few years, it has been the go-to choice for modern businesses looking to build scalable online stores.

However, the challenge many businesses often face is finding reliable developers while opting for BigCommerce development services. To make the most of BigCommerce’s unique features, one needs to hire skillful and experienced BigCommerce developers.

Therefore, in this blog, we will shed light on the key skills to look for before you hire BigCommerce developers. This will help you streamline the hiring process effectively.

Understanding BigCommerce

In today’s competitive eCommerce marketplace, BigCommerce has emerged as a reliable solution for businesses to build user-friendly and powerful e-stores. It is among the top eCommerce platforms where you can custom-build your store and sell products easily.

The key highlights of BigCommerce that make it the best eCommerce platform are its world-class features. Whether it is unlimited file storage, POS integrations, or extensive shipping options, all these features contribute to making BigCommerce an ideal choice.

Along with these features, BigCommerce has abundant advantages that you can learn about as soon as you hire BigCommerce developers. These developers are dedicated experts with years of experience in building custom e-stores on this platform for different enterprises.

3 Reasons to Hire BigCommerce Developers

Once you choose BigCommerce for your e-store development, you might find yourself in a fix about hiring a BigCommerce developer. This is why, we have listed some of the top reasons why you should hire BigCommerce developers while building a remote development team. Go through these and make a decision wisely.

1. Professional eCommerce Website Building

Since BigCommerce developers have enhanced knowledge about the platform, they can assist you in building high-performing eCommerce websites. With their advanced skills and rich experience, you can count on them to build your e-store exactly how your business demands.

A BigCommerce developer will know how to design and develop your e-store to look professional and exceed your expectations. They will also make sure to build an online store that is user-friendly, fast, and resonates with your target audience.

2. Faster and Uninterrupted Development Process

Another great reason to hire BigCommerce experts is that it allows you to build your e-store quickly and efficiently. Since these professionals will work solely on BigCommerce web development, they are likely to have your custom online store ready faster than you expected.

If you engage your in-house eCommerce developers, they might face unwanted interruptions. This happens because they work on-site where queries and concerns rise frequently. Remote BigCommerce developers are immune from these unnecessary interruptions.

3. Enhanced SEO and Marketing Efforts

When you hire a proficient BigCommerce developer, you get comprehensive support for your e-store development. Along with building your custom online store, these experts will also implement SEO and marketing practices to help your store rank higher on SERPs.

Experienced BigCommerce developers know how important SEO is for modern businesses. Hence, they will build eCommerce websites with an analytics tool integrated to help you track traffic, manage conversions, and overview your store’s overall performance.

Top Skills to Consider When Hiring BigCommerce Developers

As you look to hire BigCommerce developers for your business, make sure you first assess the developer’s skillsets. Different BigCommerce developers might cater to a business’s different needs, but their basic skills remain the same.

Once you learn about these skills, it will become easier for you to hire the best developers. Check out five prominent skills to look for before hiring BigCommerce experts below.

1. Deeper Understanding of the BigCommerce Platform

The first and most important skill to consider before hiring BigCommerce developers is an in-depth knowledge of the platform. Your chosen developers must be well-versed in this eCommerce platform and its functionalities such as custom themes, API integrations, etc.

Deeper and enhanced knowledge of BigCommerce is what sets a BigCommerce expert apart from the rest. So, if you decide to hire a BigCommerce developer for your eStore development, make certain that they are highly skilled and experienced in BigCommerce.

Therefore, once you shortlist candidates, test their knowledge of various features and capabilities of BigCommerce before hiring.

2. Technical Skills

While interviewing BigCommerce experts, don’t forget to test their technical proficiency to decide whether they are an ideal fit or not. A high level of technical skills is important for any developer to build high-performing and complex solutions easily.

So make sure you hire BigCommerce developers who have a strong knowledge of popular programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Additionally, they should also be aware of common databases including MySQL, NoSQL, and SQLite.

Along with these technical skills, a BigCommerce developer should also know about third-party integrations which is important in eCommerce development.

3. Enhanced Knowledge of Visual Design

Before an eCommerce store’s performance, features, or responsiveness, it’s the visual design that attracts customers. So, as you opt for BigCommerce web development make sure you hire developers with a complete understanding of designs for online stores.

This is important because visual appeal is one of the main reasons why a user visits a website. Your hired BigCommerce developer should know how to design your e-store in a way that speaks volumes about the type of brand you are while engaging your target audience.

When you hire BigCommerce developers with good knowledge of visual design, they will build your e-store with your brand aesthetics in mind.

4. Relevant Soft Skills

A common mistake many business leaders often make when hiring BigCommerce developers is focusing only on their technical skills. Although technical capabilities are crucial, you cannot overlook the significance of relevant soft skills for the smooth running of the project.

As you look to hire a dedicated BigCommerce developer, make sure that they have strong communication and collaboration skills. These soft skills allow you to easily partner up with BigCommerce developers for your e-store development without a hassle.

Problem-solving and time management are two additional important soft skills that every good BigCommerce developer must possess.

5. Strong Project Management Skills

Whether you hire BigCommerce developers or any other eCommerce developers, either way, you should consider project management skills. This skill is essential for effectively managing an online store development project and prioritizing tasks based on their requirements.

When you hire a BigCommerce developer with advanced project management skills you are most likely to eliminate unwanted interruptions. These eCommerce specialists will not only streamline the development process but adapt to unexpected changes successfully.

Good project management skills also help a professional developer manage budget constraints, and expectations, and deliver high-quality results on time.

To Sum It Up

In the last few years, BigCommerce has made a name for itself as one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms. By leveraging the power of this robust platform, businesses have been able to build and scale their custom online stores easily.

But to reap the maximum benefits of BigCommerce, you need to hire the best BigCommerce developers. This is why we listed some of the key skills that will allow you to differentiate the best BigCommerce experts from others. Learn about these top skills in this blog post now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I use BigCommerce for my e-store development?

If you want to build a custom online store for your eCommerce business, you should go with the BigCommerce platform. BigCommerce has an easy-to-use interface, next-gen features, and most importantly affordable pricing options. By choosing this eCommerce platform, you can build a highly competitive e-store that stands out from the rest without denting your pocket.

2. What does a BigCommerce developer do?

Unlike any general software developer, a BigCommerce developer is trained to work on the BigCommerce platform exclusively. These developers are familiar with the latest trends and newest updates in BigCommerce, along with the possible challenges and opportunities it offers. BigCommerce developers can build a scalable e-store, integrate relevant functionalities, and make your website ready for the contemporary marketplace.

3. How to hire a BigCommerce developer?

Do you want to hire the best BigCommerce developers to add value to your e-store development? Then you must follow a few common steps that will guide you through the hiring process effectively. Here are the steps that you must consider to hire BigCommerce developers:
Determine your project requirements and the scope of work so that you can shortlist suitable candidates.

  • Interview each BigCommerce expert individually to test their technical proficiency and soft skills.
  • Request for their portfolio to have a brief insight into the type of projects they have handled before.
  • Based on their expertise, and project demands, discuss the cost of service, and select the one with reasonable pricing options.
  • Get the employment contract signed by the developers along with a non-disclosure agreement and bring them on board.

4. Where to find a reliable BigCommerce developer?

With the growing popularity of BigCommerce development services, many business leaders are looking for BigCommerce developers to hire. However, the problem is finding qualified BigCommerce developers who can help them with their e-store development. Fortunately, Teqnovos is here as the go-to choice for businesses to hire pre-vetted BigCommerce developers to work alongside them and build a top-quality eCommerce website.

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