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January 29, 2021

Mobile App Marketing Strategy in 8 Steps

The world of mobile app development is growing day by day, and new apps are shattering download records. In this highly competitive landscape, the question, “how do I market my mobile app?,” comes on everyone’s mind. To make mobile app marketing simpler, we have listed our 8 steps that ensure a good influx of organic and paid traffic for your venture’s web presence.

Step 1 – Market Research

Nothing is impossible without adequate market research, and ranking your app on top of Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store is not easy. If you want to score organic traffic, you need to research what your competitors are doing. 1,000 app submissions are being made daily, and this proves that competition is fierce on all verticals. Looking into your competitors’ strategies and reinventing them for better results should be your first step to marketing your mobile app.

Step 2 – Have a Landing Page for Your App

Most business owners refrain from making a landing page for their app because they believe they can get organic downloads from the app stores. However, expanding your horizon for more visibility is not a bad idea. Making a landing page ensures you can convert traffic from search engines into downloads for your app. Take an example from Snapchat; their business model is completely app-based, and yet, they have a landing page.

Step 3 – Work on App Store Optimization + Link Juice

This is one of the most common strategies for app downloads; however, we have added a twist. App store optimization (ASO) is a technique that uses specific keywords in your app description to capture organic traffic from Google Play Store. However, APO is not enough. You can use the same keywords for content marketing and publish your blog posts on your landing page and other websites and backlink your keyword to your app’s download page. This strategy is a robust way to provide some high DA and PA link juice to your apps.

Step 4 – Leverage Social Media

Social media is a good platform that you can use to boost your mobile app marketing. Simply promote your product or service using posts with trending hashtags, and your post will gain popularity. Try humorous content with relevant memes that go with your app. According to Forbes, using memes has 10 times more reach than an ordinary organic post. So, get creative!

Step 5 – Influencer Marketing

One of the latest ways of expanding your reach is by contacting influencers. These social media celebrities have a huge fan following that would also include your potential app users. You can pay them to market your app, and they can share a good word about your services. Since these people have great control over their audience, you can expect good results.

Step 6 – Run Paid Ads With a Twist

Paid ads are an easy way to market your mobile app by investing in keywords. However, most businesses fail to meet their expected reach because of bad keyword targeting. One of the best paid marketing strategies involves checking the quality score for each keyword you are paying for. You can find this on the right-hand section of Google Ads under Keyword Planner. You need to aim for at least 8 or higher and quality scores for the keywords mentioned in your mobile app description on the Play Store. If you have a whopping score of 10/10, Google will charge you less and show your ad more often.

Step 7 – Work on Your Retention Campaign

In your quest for new customers, don’t forget about the ones you already have. A good mobile app marketing strategy is 360-degree and considers all possible avenues where user interaction takes place. Improve your retention campaign, and you can leverage from word-of-mouth marketing. You can do so by adding FAQ’s in your app or a live customer support system. This ensures your existing customers don’t leave, and they refer you to others.

Step 8 – Referral Marketing

To get something, you have to give something in return. This rule is for mobile app marketing as well. To increase your downloads, you can start referral programs with in-app incentives. For each person your existing user refers, they get some bonus in return. It’s an old but gold strategy, and when all else fails, count on your brand-loyal customers to do the marketing for you!

Ending Note

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