logistics management
February 2, 2021

Mobile App Solutions for Logistics Management

Logistics management is the most important part of any business that requires constant monitoring and tracking. Businesses often find it challenging to manage logistics. To ease the process of logistics management, creating a mobile app can be an effective strategy.

How Can Mobile App Transform Logistics For Your Business

Instead of just tracking and monitoring, a mobile app can perform multiple functions. Here is how a mobile app can transform your business and put you on the path of growth.

1. Automate Paper-Based Processes

The process of assigning, shipping, and tracking orders based on truck details can be made easy through a mobile app. Truck drivers can perform basic tasks, such as viewing assigned orders and tracking event process from their mobile phone. This adds value to your business and reduces the cost of paper.

2. Warehouse Management

A mobile warehouse management app can be your pathway to efficient business practices. Through a warehouse management app, you can check assets, shipping, storage, and inventory stocks. It provides clear visibility inside your warehouse through a single screen, and reporting damaged products becomes easier. App users can also schedule a repair or replacement for items that fall under the manufacturer’s warranty.

3. Advanced Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is a complex process that requires a full-cycle to ensure on-time deliveries and improve customer service. The mobile-enabled logistics provides transparency, real-time tracking of packaging condition, and integrates with a third-party application for order processing.

4. Reduced Delivery Time

A mobile app automates the process of the order assigning to drivers, and they can view it on their mobile device. This greatly reduces delivery time and manpower. Logistics mobile app can track each driver and allow you to monitor their performance. Proof of delivery is also an excellent feature that takes digital signatures and customer photos through your mobile app.

5. Offline Support

There may be poor internet connectivity in some warehouses and remote areas. Offline support allows drivers to add information that will automatically sync once the internet is back to normal. Moreover, offline support also supports map and routes so your driver won’t lose their way in outlying areas.

A Mobile App Service You Can Trust

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