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February 5, 2021

The Impact of Mobile Apps Solutions in Logistics & Supply Chain Industry

Over the past few years, many mobile applications have changed the way supply chain works. The use of mobile phones and applications seems like a natural choice because the logistics and the supply chain industry are always moving. So, how do you keep track of distinct parcels moving around the globe? You use a mobile app for supply chain and logistics.

Mobile applications have positively impacted the supply chain and logistics industry by making it a seamless, timely, effortless, transparent, and cost-effective process. Here are the impacts of mobile app solutions on logistics and supply chain industry.

How Mobile Apps Have Change Supply Chain and Logistics?

1. Communication Flow

The supply chain has numerous functions under its umbrella, and their communication is important for growth. Any lags between these functions can result in loss of information or losing delivery status. Thanks to mobile applications, communication has become easy, and each function is instantly updated about actions taken by the other.

2. Warehouse Management

Warehouse management is a vital part of supply chain and logistics. Many mobile applications have made warehouse management easy by displaying remaining stock and other functions conveniently on the mobile screen. Thanks to mobile applications, it has become easier to maintain logs, and employees can instantly file damaged or missing products.

3. Increased Business

Mobile applications have not only made supply chain convenient, but it has also helped in terms of revenue. Due to the increase in eCommerce stores, the need for logistics has doubled. Moreover, mobile applications have allowed logistics to design customized delivery plans and work closely with small to medium eCommerce stores.

4. Decreased Customer Services Cost

The cost of customer service in the logistics industry has decreased significantly because of mobile applications. Instead of calling, customers can check their delivery status from their phone. This has reduced the number of phone calls and mitigated the cost of hiring a 24/7 customer service team.

5. Shipment Tracking Solution

On-time delivery of products in perfect condition is the mantra for any logistics company’s success. Mobile applications have made tracking shipments from home possible. This feature has greatly favored large-scale logistics companies because their business has become efficient and convenient.

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