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February 16, 2024

Top Benefits of Choosing Laravel Framework for Web Development

If you are in the process of choosing the best web development framework, perhaps you should consider Laravel. It is one of the most popular PHP-based frameworks for developing robust, flexible, and reliable software applications for businesses across industries.

As per a recent report, currently, around 720,975 websites across the globe use the Laravel framework. This indicates that it is a highly sought-after choice among software developers and business leaders looking to custom-build applications.

In this blog, we will discuss the top benefits of choosing Laravel over other web development frameworks. Go through these and hire Laravel developers for web app development now.

Laravel Framework: A Brief Introduction

Laravel is a free and open-source PHP framework with expressive syntax that makes the development process easier and more convenient. It was developed back in 2011 and has gradually become the go-to framework for web app development for many companies.

The prime reason behind the growing success of the Laravel framework is the comprehensive features it comes with. Laravel is highly flexible, secure, and dynamic, which makes it an ideal choice for software development in today’s ever-evolving business environment.

Further, Laravel makes some of the most daunting tasks within a development project, like caching, routing, authentication, etc., quite easy. Since its origin, Laravel has released 10 versions, each with more improved functionality than the other.

Must-Know Benefits of Choosing Laravel for Web Development

There are many reasons to choose the Laravel framework for web development. Make sure you learn about them before you hire Laravel developers so that you can choose Laravel to build high-performing software applications.

Check out the top benefits of choosing Laravel here and make the most of this powerful and scalable development technology.

1. Faster, Simpler, and Convenient

In today’s fast-paced business world, software developers look for a simple and fast web application framework for web development. This is where the Laravel framework comes in handy. It has a wide range of built-in templates that speed up the development process.

When you hire dedicated Laravel developers, they will use these existing templates to build your custom application rapidly. As compared to other major web development frameworks, Laravel is more convenient, which gives it an edge over them.

Therefore, you must choose Laravel for your development needs, especially when you want to build a scalable web app quickly.

2. Advanced Security Measures

While building a new software application, web security is one of the main concerns for companies. Business leaders need a technology that not only builds high-quality web applications but also takes relevant security measures for data protection.

With Laravel, you get advanced security features that give you peace of mind that your website is completely secure. Laravel allows developers to integrate specific features into your software that protect your website from all kinds of cybersecurity threats.

Laravel offers security against cross-site scripting, SQL injection, query spoofing, etc. Hence, you can trust the Laravel framework to keep your site secure all the time.

3. Easier Maintenance and Support

Laravel is an ideal web development framework for building easy-to-maintain websites, regardless of size and complexity. This is the prime benefit of Laravel, as you can build your dream site without worrying about post-development maintenance and support.

So, in Laravel, once your site is ready, you can make changes to it, add new features, and more easily. Whether you work with the same Laravel programmers or hire Laravel developers from a different company, they can easily handle the site’s maintenance.

Laravel’s MVC architecture, top-notch built-in features, and comprehensive community support make it simpler and more effective than other frameworks.

4. Enhanced Features and Functionalities

As mentioned above, Laravel has many prominent features that make it a standout PHP framework. If you want to use Laravel for your web development needs, you must learn about these features. This way, you will know how to make the most of them to power your website.

Laravel has numerous dynamic templates that let you design attractive layouts for your website flawlessly. Further, this framework comes with in-built object-oriented libraries that you will not find in any other framework. Developers will find several features in these libraries to utilize.

Developers building websites for modern businesses need a framework with plenty of features to meet a user’s website development needs. This is why Laravel is the perfect choice.

5. Exceptional Testing and Debugging

Every web programming process demands rigorous testing and debugging to ensure the final product is error-free. With Laravel, software testing becomes much easier for developers as it comes with a testing tool of its own called PHPUnit. This tool simplifies the testing process.

This means that if you choose the Laravel framework, you can build your website quickly and test it to check for bugs. PHPUnit helps developers not only test the website accurately but also do it quickly without wasting time, allowing you to launch the website on the market quickly.

As you hire dedicated Laravel developers, you can sit back and relax as these experts will build and test your website without a hassle.

6. Seamless Third-Party API Integration

No matter the type of website you build, it needs to be integrated with a handful of third-party apps. These applications may include a payment gateway, maps, or anything essential for your website. With Laravel, you can integrate apps into your website easily with its clean APIs.

Businesses building new websites need a framework that allows them to easily integrate apps whenever and however required. Laravel is built keeping this user expectation in mind and thus promotes seamless third-party app integration into a website effortlessly.

However, the ease of app integration into a Laravel website also depends on the skills of the Laravel developer you hire. So, make sure you find qualified experts to take over the project.

7. Simple Data Migration

Software developers are frequently required to migrate web data from one platform to another, which can be a daunting process. It can be time-consuming, but the major concern is that it comes with the risk of losing data during the migration process. But not if you choose Laravel.

Laravel comes with an in-built migration system that allows Laravel experts to easily migrate data. By opting for this framework, you can migrate your all-important data while redeveloping your website quickly without worrying about losing information.

Laravel developers can specify database schema changes using PHP codes that allow for easier migration. This is also a prominent benefit of Laravel that you must know about.


The Laravel framework is a brilliant choice for web development, as it has a comprehensive range of benefits to offer. From ensuring secure and faster development to improving your website performance and integrating vital third-party apps easily, Laravel can do it all.

So, if you have doubts about choosing Laravel, you can go through these top benefits to understand why it’s an ideal pick. Only after you understand what Laravel has to offer can you hire Laravel developers with advanced skills and experience to take over your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Laravel relevant for web development in 2024?

Yes, the Laravel framework is still relevant for web development in 2024 and will be in the years to come. It is one of the most popular and versatile web development frameworks, with a wide range of libraries and extensive syntax. Many businesses and software developers across the globe choose Laravel for their development needs, and that won’t change in 2024. People will continue to use Laravel to build custom, high-performance software applications.

2. What makes Laravel better than other PHP frameworks?

There are many PHP frameworks out there for software developers to use, but still, most of them choose Laravel. This is because of the latest features and functionalities that set Laravel apart from the rest. For example, Laravel uses the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern for seamless development. Further, this PHP framework uses an ORM (Object Relational Mapping) called Eloquent and offers top-notch web security as well. These are just a few of the many factors that make Laravel better.

3. What should I look for when hiring Laravel developers?

If you want to hire Laravel developers, make sure to consider a few essential skills. First of all, your shortlisted Laravel programmers must have strong development and data management skills, along with an understanding of MVC and object-oriented programming. Along with technical proficiency, you should ensure that a dedicated Laravel developer has decent communication and problem-solving skills for seamless collaboration and an uninterrupted development process.

4. Why choose the Laravel framework for web development?

Choosing Laravel for your website development can prove to be a handy business decision. It is so because Laravel offers tremendous benefits to users. Some of these include enhanced web security, faster development, effortless support and maintenance, and easier third-party integration. If you want to harness the power of Laravel and explore these benefits, hire dedicated Laravel developers from a reputed outstaffing company like Teqnovos.

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