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March 7, 2021

UX vs. UI Design in Software Development – What is the Difference?

The debate and confusion over the definition of UI and UX have existed ever since these terms were coined. A closer look at this debate over the meaning of UI and UX tells us that ot exists because these terms weren’t coined simultaneously. Therefore, most people are confused with their implications.

At the most basic level, UI includes all the buttons, colors, and graphics used in a website or a mobile app that resonate with the user. Alternatively, UX is the internal experience a user encounters while using the website or a mobile app.

In simple terms, UI has a more artistic approach, while UX is responsible for streamlining the user’s journey and making it more straightforward. If you still don’t understand what these two terms stand for, here are the differences between UI and UX to help you gain command over this subject.

3 Big Difference Between UI and UX

1. Contrasting Focus

An essential difference between UI and UX design is their contrasting focus. While UI design is inclined to use the correct brand colors and hi-fi modeling in prototyping, a UX designer focuses on the logical implementation of particular elements on the web or mobile app. In simple terms, when you have to show a prototype to a client, offer them your UI designer’s work. If you want to show a prototype to a developer, use the prototype made by a UX designer.

2. UX Helps Users Accomplish Goals, UI Creates an Emotional Experience

UX designs are tilted towards helping users find what they are looking for, while the UI is more inclined towards making every element look stunning. For example, when you choose the color scheme and your furniture’s material during renovation, it’s like a UI designer at work on a mobile app or website. When you decide which item goes where to maximize convenience, you are playing a UX designer role.

3. UX Design Works Both On-Screen and Off-Screen

Since UX designers help customers fulfill their journey through a website or a mobile app, they work both off and on-screen. A UX designer multi-tasks because if web links aren’t properly managed, one-click might lead to a different page than anticipated. On the other hand, UI designs are limited on-screen, meaning there is no requirement of designing the admin panel of a web or mobile app creatively.

Concluding Thoughts

UI and UX designs play an integral part in designing a robust mobile app or a website. If you are looking for a web and mobile development company with an experienced UI and UX designers team, you can reach out to Teqnovos. They have years of experience in working with a diverse range of clients. You can check out Teqnovo’s portfolio to learn more about their work.

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