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March 8, 2021

What Is Mobile App Prototyping, and Why Your App Needs It?

Revisions are a part of the app development process, but extensive modifications turn into reworks which might cost you more than the app itself. Therefore, mobile app development companies create app prototypes to mitigate time consumption and be on par with the app owner’s idea.

What Is Mobile App Prototyping?

Mobile app prototyping is a process in which your mobile app development company will create a prototype version of your app as a general idea. You can make changes according to your requirements and forward them to your development team. App prototyping is the first step in the development process, and it has tremendous benefits for the app owner and the development company.

3 Benefits of Mobile App Prototyping

Mobile app prototyping is a necessary process to move further in the development process. There are countless benefits of this stage, and we have shared three key advantages to help you build a better understanding of why you need it.

1. Identifies Product Improvements

It’s impossible to improve your mobile without creating a dynamic usable version of it. Once you have a prototype version of your app, you make changes to it without additional cost. These changes will identify product improvement points and relevant design changes that you have in mind.

2. Saves Cost

The rule of thumb in mobile app development goes by 1:10:100. This rule dictates that the choice is between spending $1 on research and $10 on changes in design and spending $100 on changing the app later in the development stage. Making changes to an app prototype is cost-effective because developers don’t have to invest much time in your project. They quickly deliver a potential version of your app through quirky software.

3. Client and Stake Holder Validation

If you are a third-party organization with a contract of supervising app creation for your client, you might want to have the stakeholder on board with your ideas for their app. A mobile app prototype is the best way to involve the stakeholders in sharing their thoughts because it requires zero technical knowledge to suggest changes during the app development phase.

Wrapping it Up

Mobile app prototyping is a crucial stage in the development process. However, not all mobile app development companies can make a robust app prototype that is digestible for the client. Teqnovos has years of experience creating web and mobile applications for its clients, and they have yet to disappoint with their services. You can check out Teqnovo’s portfolio to learn more about their work.

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