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February 4, 2021

Digital Transformation and Its Impact on Your Business

When 70% of companies became aware of the benefits of digital transformation, the term quickly became a fact rather than a buzzword. Now, most businesses have either landed on the digital landscape or are planning to. This shift in priorities has greatly benefited companies, and we’re here to share some of the advantages of digital transformation for your business.

Benefits of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is becoming increasingly popular, and its benefits are no longer a secret. One survey revealed that digital transformation increases operational efficiency, reducing marketing costs, and helps meet new customers. However, these are some of the benefits of digital transformation – more are shared below.

1. Ability to Automate Tasks

Digital transformation is far more than launching a website and marketing on social media. Mobile apps have taken over the digital realm, and these apps have automated most tasks that required constant checking. For instance, mobile apps in the supply chain industry have made viewing inventory in real-time and collecting payment from credit cards possible. Moreover, a software solution can automate tasks like sending emails and collecting customer data.

2. Improved Customer Experience

92% of businesses that develop a digital transformation strategy do so to improve customer experience. Automation and the ease of access to online shopping have greatly improved customer experience. Netflix is the best example of digital transformation for customer success. The online media giant took advantage of the changing waves and rode them to success.

3. Informed Decision Making

Digital transformation has made it possible to analyze customer data and make better decisions. Tools like Google Analytics and Hot Jar assess customer behavior, and businesses can decide to make changes accordingly. Moreover, purchase data integrating into CRM’s allow businesses to evaluate what products will sell better.

4. Greater Flexibility

Another advantage of digital transformation is that you can break free from legacy systems and conventional marketing methods. The digital transformation is accompanied by digital marketing, giving decision-makers and media planners the flexibility to set the desired budget. You can run your ads for as low as $100 and make a substantial profit out of them. These are some of the ways digital transformation has changed businesses worldwide, and you can leverage these changes as well.

The Bottom Line

Digital transformation is important for any business to survive in the 21st century. Customers are now used to buying things online, and visiting stores is growing mainstream. Due to COVID-19, most stores have shut down, and businesses have ventured online. This time is ideal for transforming your business and work with Teqnovos to grow your online presence. We have a dedicated team of mobile and web developers who can help you with your digital transformation journey. Check out our portfolio and case studies to know how we work.

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