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September 29, 2023

10 Reasons Why Outstaffing is the Future of IT Talent Acquisition

Companies today are looking to hire skilled developers who can deliver projects quickly while ensuring the quality of deliverables. However, with a significant increase in IT talent shortage across the globe, finding the best developers locally has become quite difficult. Fortunately, the outstaffing hiring model is here to make it easier for companies to fulfill their IT talent acquisition needs.

Outstaffing is the latest remote hiring model that lets businesses hire top developers to work alongside their in-house teams. If you are wondering whether outstaffing is the right strategy for you to hire developers, this blog is for you. Let us discuss what is outstaffing and the top 10 reasons that make it the future of IT talent acquisition.

What is the Outstaffing Hiring Model?

Outstaffing is one of the most sought-after remote hiring models. It allows you to hire developers with different skills to collaborate with your existing team. The prime purpose of this model is to help you bridge the skill gap within your organization.

Moreover, it is getting highly popular among businesses across industries as it lets you establish full control over remote developers. In simple terms, after you hire developers from an outstaffing company, they will work completely under your management.

Why Outstaffing is the Future of IT Talent Acquisition?

Now that you are familiar with the basics of outstaffing, let’s focus on our main topic. We have listed the top ten reasons that justify the importance of outstaffing in the future of IT talent acquisition.

1. Compensate for Tech Talent Shortage

As per a report by the IMF, the global IT talent shortage will rise to more than 85 million in 2030. It means that filling up the vacancy for a professional IT expert in your team will become more difficult.

With outstaffing, companies can look beyond their local resources to find the best developers for a project. They can extend their search and hire developers from a global market to bridge the skill gap in their team.

2. Cut Down on Operational Costs

The outstaffing company you hire developers from has its office space with the required software and hardware resources. You don’t have to pay office rent, hardware rent, and software license fees as the outstaffing company bears such expenses. You just have to give salaries to developers you outstaff.

Thus, outstaffing will prove more valuable in the coming years as businesses look for smarter ways to reduce expenses. Opting for this hiring model will help you build a team of skilled developers while bringing down the overall operational costs.

3. Benefit from On-Demand Hiring

On-demand hiring is when you recruit a specialized developer to fulfill a certain skill requirement for a certain time. With outstaffing, you can hire on-demand experts to develop projects quickly.

Let’s say you want to hire an Android developer to build a mobile app. When you hire an Android developer on an as-needed basis, you collaborate and pay the professional for as long as the project goes on. Once the work is done, you can end the contract.

4. Experience a Faster Hiring Process

Unlike the traditional hiring process, the outstaffing model isn’t time-consuming. You just have to hire a reliable outstaffing company. Once you do, share your project requirements with them. After evaluating your needs, they will give you a list of their top developers.

Shortlist and interview candidates, test their skills, and bring the best developers on board. Remember that faster hiring with fewer delays or interruptions makes it easier for you to reduce the time to market and enhance customer satisfaction.

5. Save on Employee Training

The technology is evolving constantly and requires developers to stay on top of the latest trends. Hence, developers, regardless of their niche, need frequent training, which is an extra expense for the companies they work for.

But if you hire developers through outstaffing, you don’t have to worry about conducting or managing employee training. The outstaffing company is responsible for conducting training programs for the developers. It means you don’t have to spend money on training developers that you hire through outstaffing.

6. Improve Business Scalability

With outstaffing, you get the flexibility to scale your business up and down as per your requirements. You can bring in expert developers whenever you need them and end the contract once the work is completed.

This is something that you won’t get with in-house hiring. Once you hire an in-house developer, you cannot just lay them off after the work is done. This is why modern businesses choose outstaffing as it makes it easier for them to scale.

7. Quicker Project Execution and Completion

Sometimes it becomes hard for your in-house development team to meet deadlines. It might be because they have a lot on their plate and are constantly working on different things. This is where outstaffing comes in. It is the best way to meet project deadlines on time.

Keeping your project requirements in mind, you can hire developers to work on an ongoing project or take over a new one. Either way, hiring developers from an outstaffing company will help you complete projects quickly without hampering the quality.

8. Full Control Over Remote Team

Apart from outstaffing, outsourcing is also a very common hiring model. But what makes outstaffing better is that it lets you gain complete control over the remote team. This is something that you won’t get if you choose the outsourcing model.

Businesses hiring remote teams are often concerned about relying on external project managers. With outstaffing, you can eliminate this risk once and for all. It allows you to delegate work and manage remote developers on your terms.

9. Proactive Approach for Competitive Edge

The competition in the market is getting tougher by the day. So, if you want your business to succeed, you have to take a proactive approach to running your business processes. Talent acquisition through outstaffing is the first proactive step you can take.

Outstaffing ensures that you are rarely short of IT talent to work on your projects. As a new project comes, you can quickly hire the most suitable IT professionals as per the requirements. Thus, outstaffing is a smart way to give your business a competitive edge.

10. Find the Best Developers and Establish a Prolonged Relationship

When you hire developers through outstaffing, you have the option of recruiting them on a short-term basis. It means you hire IT professionals, work with them, and decide whether or not they are suitable for your long-term business goals.

You can hire developers and establish a prolonged relationship with them based on their performance.

Wrapping Up

According to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be an increase of roughly 371,000 positions for software developers in the next ten years. However, with the rising shortage of skilled developers, finding experts to fill these positions will become challenging.

This is where outstaffing comes into play. As businesses look to hire more developers, outstaffing will ensure that they find relevant IT talent. Not just this, outstaffing will also make the hiring process faster and more cost-effective. These are just a few of the many reasons why outstaffing is the future of IT talent acquisition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the outstaffing hiring model?

Outstaffing is one of the most popular hiring models today. It allows businesses to hire IT professionals as remote resources to work with their in-house teams. Developers hired through outstaffing are managed directly by the hiring company.

2. Why choose outstaffing for IT talent acquisition?

With outstaffing, you can find the best talent to ensure your business’s long-term success. You can meticulously test the skills of IT professionals before hiring them.

3. What’s the difference between outstaffing and outsourcing?

Although both outstaffing and outsourcing help businesses hire remote resources, they are vastly different from one another. In outstaffing, you hire developers who will be managed by you or your in-house manager. Whereas in outsourcing, you hand over your project to a remote team having its own project manager.

4. How to build a team of remote developers?

If you are planning to build a team of remote developers, outstaffing is the best way to do it. You just have to reach out to a leading outstaffing company that has a team of developers with expertise in different technologies. Interview their top developers carefully and hire the ones who are the most suitable for your project or long-term business goals.

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